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Saturday School


News & Info

> Leisure time & recreation

“Drama, Craft & Music ”

Just like professional architects ( actors, musicians), the children and young people imagine and draw/ play.

Interpretation & Advice


We offer weekend’s classes for children and young people ( year 1 to year 11)


- English, Maths and Science

- Mother-tongue

- Cultural classes

family learning

We provide a wide range of learning opportunities to adults and families

Community Learning & Development

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The KCA offers a free and confidential service. We offer information, advice and support on many matter.


Losing sleep over your

children's education ?

This project helps parents to take part in their children’s learning experience.

> Parents School Liaison

“Parents to take part in their children's learning learning experience”

The project aims to facilite liaison betweens parents and the main stream schools

> Lisanga SOAS

“Stop Youth Crime In London”

National Lottery Awards for All -

Early intervention to keep children & young people from embarking on a life of crime. This project will work with  those at risk and ex-offenders supporting them and preventing re-offending.

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> Go after your dreams

“Everybody has dreams and can  make them come true? ”

This project aimed to inspire young people from the community by having professionals and role models to meet the children

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While your child learns,

So can you!

Come and find out about ESOL & Employability Skills training

* Learn English

* Practise speaking and listening

* Improve your reading and writing

* Meet other parents

* Gain employability skills

Meet the Tutors


We can help


KCA has teamed up with the NHS to help parents understand the importance of early stage pregnancy.


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Welcome to the Kongolese Children's Association Website. We are a registered charity whose mission is to assist Kongolese and other black and ethnic minority groups in London to fulfil their potential and play an active role in the Society.

comunity grant

An afternoon of interesting talks, Exhibition of Photos, Music, Food and much more

Wednesdays and Fridays between 10h00-1h00 at community House, room 4, 311 Fore Street, N9 7PZ

Tel: 020 8373 6377 - 079 4409 8856 - 079 8343 6657


This is a parternship self funded Project Initiative let by two congolese Diasporas Organisations, KONGOLESE CHILDREN'S ASSOCIATION and GLOBAL CONNECTIONS BUILDER VISION in collabaration with AFRICA REACT INTERNATIONAL to further establish a democratic, sustainable and dynamic National Congolese Development Cricket Programme and Mental health support project for the youth in the Congo DRC, particulary the most disadvantaged and those at risk of being involved in 'street life'.

A Cultural exchange  and Mental Health Support Project for the most disadvantaged youth in Congo DRC

Mental Health Support

Cultural Exchange

Fund Raising

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