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A eight weeks Financial Capabilities course in partnership with the Enfield Citizen Advice Bureau ( ECAB) to directly benefit approximately 60 young people and adults from the black and ethnic minority groups, especially those from the Congolese community, understand how to better manage money and avoid unnecessary borrowing.


The participants will also learn about benefits and payment methods. Sessions will be fun and interactive; it will take into consideration the socio-cultural background of the participants.


In addition, all participants will receive a certificate at the end of the course. The course is scheduled to

last 8 weeks; there will be 8 sessions, each lasting 2 hours.


Financial Capabilities course


'How to better manage money'

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Tell your GP

Improving maternal and infant health – early access to maternity services


National guidelines say that pregnant women should have a ‘booking’ (the health and social care needs assessment) appointment with midwifery teams by 10 weeks and certainly before the 13th week of pregnancy. Early booking reduces risks both to mother and baby and results in healthier pregnancies and babies.  

Early Access to Maternity

> Your GP should be the first point of contact for most non-emergencies. They can refer you to specialists if necessary. If you or your child is unwell when the surgery is shut, phone the surgery and listen to their voice message saying who to contact.


If you need medical attention quickly you can also go to the NHS Walk-in Centre at 1 Smythe Close, Edmonton , N9 0TW , telephone: 0208 887 8355.


Parents Schools Laision Project

Parents taking part in their children's educaton

Parent-School Liaising Project which aims to create links between teachers and disadvantaged families as well as bridging the communication gap [i.e. language barrier and cultural clash] between schools and home to enable parents to fully participate in their children’s education.

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black african soldier

Dear Bart,


I had such a good time at your African Soldiers in the FWW event on Saturday in Edmonton. What a wonderfully warm and hospitable group you have there, it was such an excellent turnout and Patrick, Kevine and Benedicte did such a good job of hosting. I hope that you are pleased too and that everyone enjoyed the talks from Pauline and Richard as much as I did.


S.J.Carroll ( Kent University)