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he Kongolese Children’s Association (KCA) is a registered charity (1104079) set up in 2002 with the mission to promote the welfare of Kongolese and other black and ethnic minority in the UK to fulfil their potential and play an active role in the Society.

Our Aims
* We aim to tackle the underachievement of children and young people from the black and minority ethnics groups.
* We aim to support families learning and development
* We aim to tackle youth crime and anti-social behaviour
* We aim to boost children and young people confidence and security in their cultural background and identity
* We aim to address social exclusion

Who we help

We mainly  support children and young people from the Black African Community in London. Currently, we are directly supporting 82 children and young people in London and approximately 500 young people benefit indirectly of our services. We also support families as well as young and lone parents accross the country.


Staff & Volunteers

The organisation is mostly run by volunteers and few staff that give their time and skills to support what we do.


Below is the list of our staff and regular volunteers. Though we have a larger number of short-term volunteers, we are always in need of volunteers to work with us either on one-off or short term basis.  

1. Mr Yannick Mukendi

2. Mr. Bart Ngoma

3. M. Patrick Djuma

4. Ms. Livie Nkembi  

5. Ms. Dalia Matuwana

6. Ms. Afia Yuma

7. Mr Guycha Mwela

8. Ms. Benedict Ngoma

9. Mr. Jean Noe

10. Mr Jean Katata

11. Mr Benjolie Leklek

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